Friday, November 05, 2010

Holster from Wrangler Leather, Cody, Wyoming

Many moons ago, it seems longer due to the anticipation, in November 2009, I "ordered" a holster for my Uberti forged-frame 1858 5½" barreled revolver from Wrangler Leather.  Between then and now, Buck/Dave has had a rough time of it.  Now, it seems, he's starting to catch up on his work and it was a big surprise when I came home from work today to find the holster in the mail. 

The whole thing oozed "professional" and quality.  From the packing in a canvas bag stamped with the maker's mark inside a protective sealed plastic bag inside the perfect size shipping box with the right size foam ball to maintain holster shape and the carefully printed shipping label to the quality of the holster itself this is one class act.

The holster is quality through and through.  Leather used is without blemish.  The dye is even without spotting or fading or darkening.  The stitching is even, and correct.  The tooling is without error.  The holster fits the gun perfectly and it hangs correctly.  I had looked long and hard for a quality holster for this revolver and I got it.  I couldn't be more pleased.

If you find that you want such a holster (or other leather goods), write:

Wrangler Leather

1108 14th Street
Cody, Wyoming 82414-3743

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