Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DeeBee's 34-1 - A Parkerized Wonder

What a neat gun. It apparently has none of the problems my nickeled 34-1 has. The parkerization appeals to me even though I think I'll still want to get a blued and a stainless (Model 63) gun. It seems business like.

The first shooting with the gun was at about 20 feet with Aguila Colibris.  You could have covered that group with a dime.  Unfortunately it was a good 3 inches to the right.  Further shooting in better light showed that the gun was shooting to the sights.  Better light was the key here.

I like the way this gun shoots and handles.  The square grip does make a difference.  You wouldn't think so but the square grip makes it feel like an entirely different firearm compared to the round butt. 

One other good thing about getting this gun was that it pointed up a problem with my other 34-1.  It has a problem with the cylinder binding on the barrel face.  This older and re-finished gun has no such problem. 

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