Monday, November 08, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

I love working n the gun shop. Yes, I'm on my feet all day but, I get to see some really interesting guns and meet some really interesting people.

Had a guy who has just moved here with his wife who is from Nana's home town. Boy was he surprised! Prior service as well. Neat.

Another fella brought in a drilling, a F. R. Jung and Söhne 16 ga. over I-don't-know-what. Couldn't get the time with it to puzzle that out. Looked to be about .375-.45 caliber. Looking down the chamber it seemed to be a tapered like the 9.3x72Rbut I wasn't able to confirm that.  Shotgun barrels were pattern twist (i.e. damascus) and looked to be in fine shape. It had the tang peep and extensive carving on the stock. There was an old crack repair.

We had a Winchester Model 100 semi-auto rifle come in so dirty that the gunsmith had to take it apart to clean. So I learned a bit about how it goes back together. Interesting but I doubt I'll remember all the quirks.

Sales of guns are down though. The boss man bought more than he sold today. The economy has finally impacted the gun store!

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