Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mini-CSA East Coast

Clint and Lynn pack for home
Three of us got together today at the Low Moor Range near Clifton Forge, VA for a sort of mini CSA East coast.  Myself, Clint B_____ and Lynn H_______ met for some shooting and talk.  Unfortunately our plans were shot down when, at about 11:30 the United States Forest Service Law Enforcement folks showed up for their semi-annual shooting.  I'm not yet clear whether it is qualification or familiarization or some other training.  There sure were a lot of them, too.  So, as you can see, we are packing up all too soon after arriving having spent only about 1½ hours on the range. 

There were a bunch of handguns, mostly Rugers and mostly with triggers that were awfully light, or so I say, one old tired Smith and Wesson, a Colt and a couple of rifles.  Not everything got anywhere near a proper wringing out.  We did get to learn a lot about each other and talked a lot about guns.  We also touched on long distance driving, Elmer Keith, Alaska (well those do include guns I suppose), timber & firewood, coal mining, skid loaders, the Army, dogs, a piebald bear and more interesting things.  I got a bit of a ribbing for not owning a powder measure.  The weather was beautiful.  Lynn was especially appreciative as he'd been stoking the stove before heading east to meet us and had snow yesterday.

I did get to shoot the aforementioned old, tired Smith and Wesson .32-20 at paper, as did Lynn.  With JimT's loads it shot low for me and for Lynn but not so much too low for Lynn.  However, the slightly loose barrel did give us some lateral shift.  How I ever killed that squirrel this past winter is beyond me.  It must have been his time.

Clint does some of his own trigger work and I got to try a couple of his Rugers.  Each gave me a chance to let one off early as his triggers are a whole lighter (and smoother) than mine.  Once I quite trying to use the trigger as a momentary finger rest (which you can do with my guns), they shot quite well.  These gentlemen do like their Rugers.  I do too but I've only got more of the same.  I should have brought the .32 H&R as I think Clint would have liked it.

I also found out that I'm not the only one that loses those red front sight inserts on the target.  Apparently they give Lynn fits, even if you can't see it in his targets. 

After shooting and jawing some we moved to Penny's Diner for some good food and more talk.  Left the parking lot there at about 2:00.  Didn't take many photos.  I did get this one of the other two participants but I think I met better have waited until Clint was a bit happier.  He was still a bit upset with the USFS folks (who had also not marked the range as closed before we got there).  By the way, I'd like to thank Lynn for the pack of bullets and Clint for lunch.  I owe both of these fine fellows now.  Had a great time and hope to do it again. 

Clint managed to get a photo of all three of us.

Clint, Lynn and Hobie

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