Saturday, April 09, 2011

Shop Stuff...

I meet the most interesting people in the militaria and art shop.  Today I met the son of Joe Colvin, a 29 ID veteran of WWII (deceased).  He told me some great stories his father told him.  In proving that old saw that birds of a feather flock together, he told me how he works for and is friends with Gordon Barlow (head of the Contemporary Longrifle Association) who works and is friends with my boss and knows some other friends of mine.

Then there is Dr. S____ (a regular customer) who is a descendant of a man of the last name of "Snow" from North Carolina who served in the 26th North Carolina Infantry during the Civil War.  That unit was directly opposite the 134th New York Infantry at the brickyard in Gettysburg on 1 July 1863.   That is where my great-great grandfather, for whom I was to be named, was wounded.  So, it could have been the good doctor's great, great-grandfather who shot my great, great-grandfather.

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