Thursday, April 07, 2011

Savage Pistols by Bailey Brower Jr.

Savage Pistols by Bailey Brower Jr. is my latest acquistion.

I've been interested in Savage Pistols for a long time.  As some people have pointed out, I have an interest in the smaller "pocket" pistols and revolvers and most of the Savages fall into this category.  Unfortunately there has been a dearth of information on the subject.
In Savage Pistols, author Bailey Brower Jr. tells the remarkable story of Savage Arms, from its humble beginnings with Arthur Savage in the late 1880s to the creation of the last pistol in the late 1920s. Bailey explains the evolution of the Savage pistol, the role of Savage pistols in World War I, and the pistol’s connection to such historical figures as Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, and William Pinkerton. This information-packed book includes hundreds of photographs of Savage pistols and rifles, cartridges, holsters, and other Savage products, as well as fascinating advertisements and illustrations.
This book also provides a lot of info on the 1910 service pistol trails and the Savage .45 ACP pistol(s). Great history there. The numerous photos are excellent. I also liked the fact that large format photos were used making discernment of various markings and features easy to see and understand.

The explanations of various finishes and such is so good the internet listings of these pistols was much easier to understand and the various relative values easier to understand.

I was very fortunate to get my copy at the Green Valley Book Fair just outside of Mount Crawford, VA for $7.00 and tax. Published price is $49.95.

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greatpix1418 said...

Mr. Brower is a scholar of the first water. If you appreciate firearm history and enjoy a good read, this one's a keeper.