Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Anniversary

June 12, 1954
A wedding anniversay! 57 years ago today my parents were married at Sabbath Day Point on Lake George in New York.

Mom and Dad met at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. Mom once said that Dad would sleep through the class they had together while she was frantically taking notes but that his grades were better. Whether or not somebody introduced them I haven't a clue.

I know why this location was chosen. Mom's family had had a summer place on Lake George since about 1884 and Mom had waited tables at the place where they had the reception.

Sabbath Day Point has a bit of history. On the 5th of July 1758 General Abercrombie landed at Sabbath Day Point with an army of fifteen thousand men, rested until midnight, then moved north toward Fort Ticonderoga, leaving behind a hundred burning campfires to fool the enemy. General Amherst also encamped at Sabbath Day Point in the summer of 1759 with a force of twelve thousand men. It was at Sabbath Day Point that in 1756 , a party of Provincials, under General Putman and Robert Rogers, defeated a superior force of French and Indians. Grandma Flint told us that an Indian had been killed just up the hill from the main camp building.  How she had come to know this I haven't a clue.

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