Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Another slow day in the gun shop yesterday. We really didn't have many customers until about 2:00 PM and then it went pretty fast with 5 background checks by the end of the day. No new cool guns, no neat accessories, some interesting conversations.

This brings us to the subject of false veterans. Yesterday was a peach. The fellow came in and was wearing a medical mask. Allowed as to how it was a medical necessity to protect him from our (i.e. other people's) contagious diseases. Quite a bit overweight this fellow had no problem talking but to his story. To sum it up he had a disqualifying medical condition such that he couldn't enlist in the service (Vietnam era). So, in looking for work he applied to several companies and also to the CIA (THE company). Calling to check on his application he was given a referral to the State Department and then, after several courses at Fort Benning, he found himself sniping at truck drivers on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Said he killed several "Russian" truck drivers.

Pretty disappointing when somebody feels so badly about themselves that they will do/say such things.

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