Monday, June 20, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

A long slow day at the shop today.  Then at 4:55 we started a run in which we sold 3 guns and a bunch of other stuff.  5 background checks all day, 2 delayed.

Had some interesting conversations including one with a fellow who came in for a trigger lock for a Remington 700 he is giving to his 16-year old grandson.  He went on and on about how he was telling the boy not to take the gun into the back yard and point it at "things" and how he was telling his daughter (the boys mother) that he wasn't going to give him any ammo and that he'd have a lock on it.  All the time I was wondering...  1.  If you don't trust your grandson to have a gun, why give him a gun?  2.  If you don't want him to shoot the gun, i.e. you aren't giving him ammo, why give him the gun?  3.  Do you really think the trigger lock is going to secure the gun from anyone who truly wants to misuse it?  The upshot is that I gave him the lock.  We have a box full of locks that people throw away when they buy guns from us.

Speaking of gun locks, the most useful are those that are padlocks with long cables as shackles.  They can be used as bike locks, to lock farm gates, etc.  Trigger locks?  99% crap that couldn't take a single well-placed blow from a rubber hammer.

The boss man continues to recover from his dislocated shoulder.  A good customer who was in a motorcycle accident (a pickup turned into his path and then ran from the scene) was in and he will apparently have a lengthy recovery.  3 weeks later he's still suffering from double vision and, yes, he was wearing a helmet.

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