Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bailey sick again...

Our dog, Bailey, is sick again.  This time it is presenting as unrelenting diarrhea.  It started in the midst of doing "her business" a couple of days ago and has progressively worsened since she threw up her breakfast from Tuesday morning.   Last night I was awake nearly all night shuttling her outside or cleaning up if she didn't warn me quickly enough.  She was upset, I was upset.

I'd called the vet yesterday afternoon.  Although she hadn't had any accidents I was taking her out every 2 hours or so and she would pass a lot of gas while passing nothing else but water.  She only urinated a couple of times all day.  This continued, the intervals getting shorter and shorter until this morning she was spontaneously going about every 30-45 minutes.   I lay down right next to her and we still couldn't get her outside in time twice and I had to wash out her crate.  I got dressed at 6 AM and had her ready to go at 6:30 and we were at the vet shortly after the office opened.  I now await the phone call...

She's 11 years and almost 3 months old (b. April 20, 2000).  She has one kidney nearly filled with a stone.  She's had stones removed from her bladder (last August).  Finally she has a rather large lipoma on her right side.  Perhaps that is now obstructing organs or maybe the kidney stone is finally giving her problems.  We haven't seen signs of the back pain that is supposed to become evident if the latter is the case.

Ok, so she's a dog.  But I've had her longer and spent more time with her than I spent with my first wife and we were married 9 years.  I know that she's got problems and nearing the end of her breed's average life span.  I'm worried.

UPDATE - Bailey apparently has an irritated GI track and vet administered Cerenia to calm that down and she will get some oral meds with her meal tonight, a bit of rice and boiled chicken. We'll see. I imagine I still need to give her a bath.

UPDATE 2 - I haven't been able to do much more than take care of the dog and that includes 4 baths!  Another reason she doesn't like having the runs!  She is  doing well with the meds and boiled chicken & rice diet.  She's a bit tired (aren't we all?) and having a good nap now.

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