Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Shooting

It was once fairly common in the U.S. that every Sunday, after services, maybe lunch, there might be militia drill or shooting competitions.  Aside from court day and market day, days when other things took priority, Sunday was the day when neighbors came together. There are still shooting competitions on Sunday but I suspect that some shooters don't stop off at church on the way to the range.

Today I went out to the Stonewall Rifle and Pistol Club range to link up with friend and co-worker Lewis G____.  When I got there it seemed that the whole staff of Nuckols Gun Works was there.  Today the club had two shoots both for .22 rimfires.  The first was a "fly" shoot in which shooters competed to see who could most often hit a printed fly at 50 and 75 yards.  Clearly, good glass is needed but this is also a benchrest competition and being informal, there's no end to the admixture of personal set-ups.  Shooters range in age from the 30s to the 70s.  Some stuck around for second match of the day, rimfire silhouette.  Apparently this match was started at the club by the current club president.  There was some turnover from one match to the other but a good turnout nonetheless.

I didn't shoot but Frank P________ made a point to ask if I had a suitable .22 for the job and I do for the silhouette game, rifle or pistol.  I think my Winchester 320 is up to that challenge and I have the match barrel for the Contender.  Then, I also have the 10" Ruger MK II.  That last was made for the silhouette game.  Silhouette shooting is also much more interesting to watch than paper punching and if Nana is to go with me she needs some visual feedback although that means I'll likely get some entertaining verbal feedback!

I don't think I could compete at all in the benchrest.  I don't have one of the rifles necessary for the game.  These guys start with a $1000 Anschutz, put a $300+ scope on it and spend $20 a box for ammunition.  Frankly, that doesn't thrill me much.  I much prefer a more practical game. 

I'm a new club member, have paid my dues but haven't had my "orientation".  I didn't call to arrange that due to Bailey being sick.  I was certain that Murphy would visit the whole deal if I did make an appointment.  I'll make that call this week.  Once I do that I'll get my club card and key. 

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