Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bailey's Health

Bailey had a visit with the vet today.  After her bout with GI inflammation/diarrhea she's doing well but she needed her annual check up and vaccinations.  Got them all.  Very well behaved and notably different from when I'm not there.  Even let me put a muzzle on for a nasal spray.  Teeth look good.  Weight is good.  Ok, so there is a "but"...  BUT she has a heart murmer.  Doc rates it a 3 on the vets' 1-6 scale (6 being the "worst").  Might mean nothing, might be a precursor to something serious.  Bailey is 11 this year.  We'll see. 


Pawpaw said...

Diarrhea. I thought you said gonorrhea. That's different.

Just kidding. I know what you're going through, a sick pet is no fun at all. Keep your head up.

Hobie said...

Well, it isn't Sunday morning dawg but she's mine. Doubt we'll have another and it took me 16 years to convince the wife having a dog would be a good idea. So, I'm trying to keep her around as long as possible.

TrueBlueSam said...

The Mrs and I got our first dog in 1976, and they really are part of the family. HeyJoe has been on medication for his heart for three or four years now, so your Doc may pull Bailey through. Vets are amazing doctors.