Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gun show at Expoland today...

I arrived at about 10:15 and paid my $6.00 (with discount coupon!) for entry. Saw Lewis, Vic, Mike, Ed, and several others at the show. Some greeted me warmly and some made every effort to leave me ASAP. No idea why. Looked at all the guns. Didn't see much I wanted or was interested in or much that I hadn't seen before. Several guns that I think are overpriced today are just as overpriced as they were last show with one .358 Savage 99 still on the fella's table after 2 years. I don't suppose he wants to sell it or perhaps hope springs eternal! Randy Clark of Roanoke wasn't there so I'm sure I missed out on some nice stuff. Hope he finally took a day off. Many folks who had modified guns, i.e. shooter grade, asking collector prices. Many nice NIB Colts and S&W revolvers with mostly elevated prices but within negotiable reason. However, there was one fella with a bunch of Lew Horton 2-3/4" N-frames of various chamberings all asking $1450, without boxes. Not that good a show I would say as I spent about 20 minutes talking with people and still left after 50 minutes. 50 minutes for a gun show and I think that counts time on the parking lot. I was home by 12:15 and that was after stopping for gas!

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Jud said...

Gun shows. We recently had a gun show right here in Concord, NH. I made it only to the parking lot to trade some brass. I opted to not pay the 6 to 9 bucks that it would have likely cost. I could not even find a buddy to go with me. So who goes to them? I am a novice when it comes to knowing the history and value of offerings relative to folks who have done this for their entire life time. Do you see business being conducted? Mostly folks bring in stuff to trade toward something they want where dealers make out extra well.

Me, I find used reloading gear and other peripheral stuff is the only value. The rest is either average stuff and the nice stuff is WAY over priced. I just tell myself you can only shoot one gun at a time....and leave $8 poorer.