Friday, September 23, 2011

Sources for Black Powder...

Black powder. Some call it "holy black" others tell you to come to the "dark side". There is a whole shooting sub-culture who think that all the other propellants are just a passing fad. It is old tech, low tech, and sometimes none of the modern smokeless replacements or substitutes will do. Sometimes, you just MUST have black powder, no ifs or ands about it. But that can present some problems.

You see, most gun stores won't carry it. Fire codes, lease agreements, insurance, location/neighbors, are all reasons cited for not stocking the easy to ignite explosive. Also, you need quite a lot of it. I use about 70-80 gr. per shot so that's only about 100 shots per pound. So, where do you get it?

Locally we have Back Creek Gun Shop in Winchester, Virginia. Yes, I said "locally" even though it is 90 miles away. Are there alternatives? Of course.

The Maine Powder House in Limington, Maine.
Powder Inc. in Clarksville, Arkansas.
Jack's Powder Keg in Marksville, Louisiana.
Upper Missouri Trading Company in Crofton, Nebraska.

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