Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Notes from the gun shop....

Business seems to be picking up as we get into the hunting seasons.  Dove hunters are bringing in guns for repair as are the muzzleloaders.  It seems that many folks just hope their guns will clean themselves between seasons.  We did 7 background checks yesterday.  I taught a mini-class on reloading.  Had an interesting phone conversation with a person who really irritated me at the time.

What happened was that he called and asked if we had bullet molds.  Then he wanted to know what molds.  Despite my repeated requests for what he was looking for he wouldn't say.  He finally allowed that he wanted a mold to cast for the .32 WCF (aka .32-20).  I use Lyman 3118 (311008 now) and told him so.  Didn't want to hear about it.  When the conversation ended and I hung up the phone I learned that the same guy had been in the shop on Saturday and already KNEW what we had as they had laid every mold on the counter for him to look at. 

Learned that a regular customer, and fellow gun club member, is the son of the fellow who invented the Dunbar reloading press.  More on that later.

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