Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whip it out, jump and shout...

Sometimes bloggers will come up with the darndest things about which to write, other times they touch on the very practical. I think this rush to post a photo of the knife in your pocket is more about the practical.  I thought I'd include something else that was in my pockets at the time...

I have carried a knife since I was 7 or 8 when Dad gave me a Case boy scout knife for my birthday.  Sadly, that treasured companion is in a rocky crevice at the bottom of Lake George in New York.  Since then others have tried to replace it.  The two shown here have done that.

The first in daily duties performed is the Leatherman K2 Juice.  I don't think there's a day that goes by that it doesn't come out of the pocket for a necessary chore.  Every once in a while I sharpen the un-serrated blade.   The serrated blade is seldom used but cuts like the devil when it is used.  The saw blade has even parted a 2x4 but that did take time.  A smaller piece of wood suits it better.  The pliers are used all manner of things not suited to fingers be they hot, sticky, small or simply disgusting.  The screw drivers are of useful sizes and temper and also see a lot of use.  The small straight blade can be used in eyeglass repair and this alone makes them useful. 

The next is a stainless Spyderco Delica.  It replaced a Zytel handled Delica that lept off my pocket at the movie theater never to be seen again.  It hasn't cut much but it is always ready.  In some ways it is a back up for a bigger friend.  I did once carry an Endura but Virginia law is such that I thought I'd stick with the shorter bladed Delica.

That bigger friend is a S&W 642.  Sans lock but with the MIM parts, this is a good gun and rides every day in the Simply Rugged pocket holster.

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