Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gun show...

Gun shows around here aren't what they used to be.  I suppose that's true most places.  It is especially true this time of year.  It seems that the junk knife & jewelry dealers, coin and watch guys come out more so this time of year.  I guess I shouldn't forget the food vendors...  It is sad.  The gun guys all want the beginning of hunting season prices for used rifles (which some bought to use at the beginning of hunting season and sell now) as well as best prices for some bubbafied milsurps.  One good thing, for some, not so much for me, is that the ammo dealers are out in force.  Lots of ammo, some hard to find stuff, on the tables.

To be honest, the best part of the show is that I met somebody I knew about every 30-40 feet of table space.  Unfortunately, even this being used to stretch out my time only kept me in the building for 1½ hours.  For me, that is no time at all.  The highlight was one fellow who had 4 Colt Pocket Positives.  I would have gotten a photo but...

This promoter doesn't want photos taken.  They also don't want CHP holders to carry in the show despite the fact that this is a public venue.  Both policies are their misguided reactions to "accidental" discharges at previous shows and the resulting scrutiny from news "reporters".  In one case I'd believe that the individual came into the show to cause an incident and deliberately loaded and fired the gun.  In another, I believe that the gun was deliberately loaded by somebody during the show before it was handed to the fellow who was holding the gun.  I understand the promoter's insurance underwriter expressly made the policy a condition of insurance and insurance is required by the venue.  Of course, the "reporter"s and his/her editor(s) don't know enough to correctly report the facts much less discern any nefarious activities.

Ok, enough digression.  The truth is that the show was very well attended.  I'm told that yesterday was extremely busy and I know that the Sunday morning crowd was well above the usual numbers, probably DOUBLE what is usually in there between 10 when they open and 12-12:30 when the church attendees start to show up.  I heard that this was also true at a recent show in Raleigh.  I suppose that with the election coming, a number of people are looking at the Republican candidates and starting to fear that Obama will be re-elected.  This is driving sales.

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