Monday, January 02, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Not such a busy day as during the run up to Christmas but busy enough with customers in the shop most of the day.  I sold two guns including a Benelli for $1475.  We also had fun with Chris's new "cubicle".  The temperature dropped precipitously as a front came through and we had a mini-"blizzard" that dropped only about ¼" of snow but left the parking lot with a few icy spots and ice encrusted windshields.

I did manage to find a .410 bore barrel set from an H&R 88 that works on my H&R Topper 158 12 ga. frame.  Neat addition.

Later, we were looking at the new Ruger clones of the Savage Axis (formerly "Edge") rifle and the Walther/S&W P22 on the Ruger site.  We're thinking the economy is driving Ruger to produce guns at a lower price point.

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