Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Well, it was a busy day with somebody in the shop all the time.  ALL the time.  Not much in sales but 9 transfers of which only 3 were not delayed.  Delays?  They are running right out to the maximum on time.  People are getting really ticked.  I don't blame them.

What has apparently happened is that the State Police made a conscious decision to cut costs and meet their budget by way of abrogating civil rights (the right to keep and bear arms) rather than cut into their money-maker, the State Troopers.  Consequently the staff that vets those delayed by the computer has been cut in half while ticketing for speeding continues.  Some might think I over simplify the situation but, let's put it this way.  Would you be happy if the government closed churches because they didn't have enough people to review their true spirituality?  Would you be happy if your right to free speech was limited because there was nobody to observe you to make certain you spoke responsibly?  As it is, 1-2 THIRDS of applicants are delayed and those delays are now taking multiple days to resolve rather than a couple of hours.  Of those delayed, perhaps 1/10th of one percent are actually denied but I think that would be a high figure.  I don't think we had more than 3 people denied in all of last year (2011).

One interesting thing is that a regular reader of this journal/blog called the shop today because he was interested in a gun we had on and realized that I worked there.  First, I hope he enjoys the gun and second, I apologize for not getting back on the phone.  Sadly, my employment is for the benefit of my employer and not myself and, as noted above, we had customers all day.   I am not going to mention your name but if you want to, you are free to comment. 


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Barry said...

Hobie, I appreciate the time you took to run a patch down the bore & answer my questions. I find these older American made firearms like Savage a hoot to shoot. Although they are not as desirable as the pre-64 Winchesters, I like the fact that the barrel & reciever are machined from 1 piece, which I believe makes for a very accurate gun. Once again, thanks for your time, it was a pleasure speaking with you.