Monday, April 09, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

It was an uneven day with periods of absolute boredom and then great gobs of people. Most transfers were of the 116th commemorative firearms and delayed backgrounds are sure to take days instead of minutes or hours. This last is particularly galling as the state refuses to fund a civil right action but instead wants to fund traffic enforcement. I don't think this is right.

My gun club had a .22 rimfire shoot on Easter (inadvertently scheduled for that day) which still drew 23 shooters. I also discovered that local knife artisan Edmund Davidson will be at the NRA annual meeting in Saint Louis.

The great demand for Ruger's guns is starting to be a negative for customers who are having to wait for the popular firearms. As you might know, Ruger announced that they have suspend acceptance of new orders for the immediate future as they fill current orders for about 1-million firearms.

Other than that there wasn't much to report.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a picture of one of the commemorative 116th pistols if posting one would not invade anyone's privacy. Thanks.