Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

I know, I should have recorded yesterday's happenings more quickly.  You'd think I'd be bound to forget something with a whole days of intervening activities to distract me.  You'd think...  Not so fast.

The day was not that exciting.  Most of our business was spread out rather well through the day with 3 of 4 gun sales coming in the last hour of the day.  We were 4 for 4 on immediate approvals and they seemed to process through the computer more quickly. 

Store favorite and son of an old classmate of mine, Marine LCPL Paul S__________ came by the store today while home on leave after a tour in Afghanistan.  He's currently a machine-gunner in a Marine Recon battalion.  Fine young man and his mom and dad should be proud of him. 

Top to bottom: Swedish AG-42B Ljungman rifle, Egyptian Hakim rifle, Egyptian Rasheed carbine
The oddest/neatest gun we have in the shop is an Egyptian Hakim.  I've never handled one and had to have Boss-man show me how to operate it.  Pretty interesting.  There are supposedly only about 70,000 possible chances to own one as that is about all that were made.  I bet the Israelis destroyed some, so...  These chamber the 8x57mm cartridge which is easy to get and Numrich has a schematic if you want to identify the parts.  There two videos on line as well...

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