Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shooting Season...

We are about to take off with the shooting (not hunting) season around here. Yes, spring Turkey season is in but I'm talking range competitions. Our club has already had a .22 shoot (on Easter Sunday!) and the next will be on Mother's Day (which I think is entirely appropriate). I'll be scoring as there will be no silhouette match that day.

One of the things I looked at at the NRA annual meeting was steel reactive targets for .22 handgun shooting... Yeah, I've been thinking. I'd better get the club to go for it because it is going to be nigh on impossible to get Nana to move to the country and a bit less unlikely that I'll win the Mega-Millions lottery.

Anyway, the Contender .22 Match barrel is ready to go for the silhouette season and I'm going to try some other approaches to shooting the Ruger MKII open-sighted on those challenging reactive targets. Lotsa fun in store for the summer!

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