Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Had to get out of the house...

Had to get out of the house.  Tried the other day but it was pretty foggy and wet and all I got was a good walk out of it.  Actually it was pretty nice.

Typical logging road after 20-40 years...
So, today, after lunch, I was out again.  Wandered about a bit and with nobody parking anywhere nearby engaged in some plinking at pine cones and such with a safe background.  Carried the USFA Rodeo (which I suppose will be approaching cult collector status according to the prices they are asking) I got from Rob L____ and the Remington 12CS I got from David M__.  Sorry Rob, but I wore the Mernickle P6SA.  The plinking was all done with the Remington.  Yes, it is .22 WRF and the ammo is pricier than the .22 LR but I do have 6000 rounds on hand and this is why I got the rifle.   The cartridges were sticking going in and coming out of the chamber so I took a moment to clean it and all was well.  We both lay down for a rest about half-way through.  I took a photo of the Remington reclining. 

Remington Model 12CS, .22 Winchester Rimfire (.22 Remington Special)
It was a pretty good day. 

The bear hunters seem to predominate now.  No birders (but I did jump another 2 grouse) and I think I was the only squirrel "hunter" out today. 

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