Monday, December 10, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

People are trickling in to get their post-Obama re-election gun but it is nothing like 2008 around here.  What is big are Christmas presents.  However, I get the feeling that some Christmas presents are also post re-election guns.  We did about 6 transfers today.

How do you feel about having to check off whether you are Hispanic or non-Hispanic if you are white?  Interesting, isn't it.  Not really necessary to identifying people as to whether or not they qualify for firearms possession, is it?

Had a long talk with Gary S_____ who just happens to also be a close friend of Walt, Ellie and Hunter L_____ over in West Virginia.  And here we've been talking to one another for over 4 years not knowing this.  I wrote and told Hunter and he knew right off who it was.

We have some neat guns in the shop.  A really nice looking Rifle U.S. M1 .30 caliber (Garand) but I don't know how it gauges.  The barrel appears to be new.  There are 3 Colt revolvers in the case.  A transitional Police Positive, a Police Positive Special and a Single Action from 1971 (the NRA gun) with what appears to be Ajax mother of pearl stocks.  There is still one of the Winchester Model 61s in the rack.  There is also a Nazi marked FN 1922 and a Colt 1908 hammerless pocket (.380). 

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