Monday, December 17, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

It was a busy day today in the shop but not nearly as busy as Friday and Saturday.  While we did 15 background checks today, they did 60 over the previous 2 days the shop was open.  The terrible attack on the elementary school in Newtown, CT has emboldened politicians to call for more gun controls despite Connecticut being the 5th most strictly controlled state according to the gun control activists.  This obviously prepared assault on 2nd amendment rights has frightened a number of people and Christmas shopping was replaced by precautionary purchases of semi-automatic pistols and rifles and high capacity magazines for them.  We know that this is happening elsewhere in the country because all our distributors have, in 4 days, sold out of their stocks of many of these items.  There are no AR-15 magazines to be had.  The same applies to .223 and 7.62x39mm ammunition as it is almost literally flying off the shelves.  We had 4 people working the counter today and it was about all we could do to keep up with the customers.

Unfortunately, I missed 1½ hours of the rush as I had to go to the dentist to deal with a developing abcess and to get the antibiotics to treat it.  I had thought the discomfort was due to congestion from my cold until yesterday afternoon when I noticed that although the congestion was gone, the pain in the gum above one particular tooth was not.  That tooth may require another root canal! 

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