Saturday, December 22, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

I had to check with the boss man to see how things were going. Sales this week have been 3-5 times normal for this time of year. That's in dollar amounts. He received 11 AR-15 type rifles of various makes yesterday (ordered Monday) and sold 10. I saw one green stocked Bushmaster on the rack when I left this morning. 3 people were filling out background check forms (4473 and the VA state form). He's putting guns out but the racks and cases are starting to look a bit bare.

The election certainly didn't arouse anyone around here but even the stereotypical little old ladies I talk to believe that gun control of some sort is coming even though they acknowledge it will do no good. Most say that an armed presence of some sort must be in every school. Many think that the principal or vice-principal (where that person doesn't also have a classroom responsibility as many do in our elementary schools) could be that person. Of course, they would have to be trained. Obvious, too, is that this person should carry concealed. Everyone seems to have noticed, even the gun control advocates, that any resistance results in an end, one way or the other, to the attack.

So, the "panic" sales continue apace and will until there is nothing to be bought.

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