Saturday, October 19, 2002

I put some pics of groups up on my site.

The first is my .357 Maximum using the 180 gr. Hornady SSP. I shot this group at 100 yards and knew I was doing well then pulled the 5th shot. Thought that I'd shoot a sixth to make a nice braggin' size 5 shot group and pulled that, too. To heck with it. It is still a darn nice group from a 21" factory TC Contender barrel and proves that the Hornady 180 grain SSPs will shoot despite some detractors.

The second is my .44 Magnum. I had fired 4 shots and the shooter next to me noticed the rain come across the mountain. We sprinted to save our targets. Sorry it isn't 5 shots.Shows that this load with the 300 grain Hornady XTP will shoot as well. I'm sure that big bullet will penetrate as well.

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