Wednesday, October 23, 2002

More disappointment. I have no idea why my 21" barrel seems "fast" with factory ammo and slow with 140 grain bullet reloads. I can also easily match factory velocities with the 120 grain bullet reloads (2700+ fps). However, I really want to use the heavier bullets and get a point blank range of about 250 meters. The 140 at 2400 will do that but I suppose I'm guilty of wanting more speed and wanted 2500 fps. That is just not going to happen.

H4895, 33 gr. - 2358 fps; W748, 35.2 gr. - 2413 fps; H335, 32 gr. - 2366 fps; H322, 31.1 gr. - 2399 fps.

Seems that W748 (back to square 1) and H322 have the best potential. H322 did not exhibit any signs of excessive pressure (see Ken Waters about his methods) and I will re-examine W748 cases for expansion but I think that 35.2 grains is indeed the max charge with this powder. The charge with W748 is very accurate so that will probably be the load I use.

I think that it is interesting that there really is not that much difference between max charges of any of these powders. Availability or personal preference should play a big part in this choice.

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