Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Well, it is raining again so I won't be taking the Seneca for a hunt. Do need to track down some H4227 though...

Will probably load some .357 Max as well.

You might have noticed some of my groups are in, well, sub-groups. I seem to have a lot of problem being consistent for a full 5 shots with the Contender because I change position so much when shooting. I've tried to mitigate that quite a bit by trying certain techniques but as you can see I often put 3 rounds together and then the next 2 together or 2 pairs, or have one shot just out of the 3 shot group. I don't think it is the gun, I think it is just me.

Of course, I've just started shooting from a bench quite a bit and am not using bags. If I can get somebody to go with me I'll post a digital pic of my technique. What I am trying to do is ensure that the gun is responding to recoil as it would in the field from field positions. To that end I rest my elbows on the bench and shoot from what might best be termed a sitting supported position.

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