Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I sucked it up and went to the range. Not really so bad although it did come down a couple of times. The shooting benches are covered and the rain wasn't being blown so I was pretty comfortable.

Shot the .22 WRFM barrel on the Contender. 16¼ inches long, I've got a 3-9X mounted on it. Zeroed at 25 yards with the Federal Premium load and then checked the Winchester .22 WRF load. Found that if I moved the .22 WRF load up to center the 25 yard target, the Federal load was just above that. Still in the black on 50 foot target centers, this means that the gun is now zeroed for both loads.

I wanted to do this so that I could hunt groundhog size game with the .22 WRFM and switch to the .22 WRF for squirrel and rabbit.

Also tried some CCI ammo, but as usual, was unimpressed. Does "boom" more though. Why though, should I be unimpressed. See my .22 WRFM/.22 WRF groups for an idea of how good these groups are. 50 foot smallbore target at 25 meters.

A good day for brass pick ups. Lots of once fired .30-06, .243 Winchester and some 7mm Rem Mag. About half of the .30-06 was nickel! Somebody please explain why people don't pick up their brass if only to sell...

Oh, and no snow tomorrow. The Seneca goes out for the first time this fall!!

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