Monday, October 21, 2002

Well today was a rather disappointing day at the range. Although the rain let up in time to do some shooting and the chronograph worked, other things did not work as expected.

.30 Herrett Sierra 220 grain Matchking, 13 grains 2400, CCI 200, velocity 1260 fps. All bullets keyholed!

7-30 Waters, Hornady 139 grain FP, 34 grains W748, CCI 200, velocity, approx 2350 fps. Very accurate, very slow. MUCH slower than expected.

Also, I did receive my 7.65x54 Argentine brass from Graf and Sons. Made by Hornady and headstamped "Frontier" and still showing the annealing color. Looks good. Now I've got to get more 215 grain bullets for my 1891 carbine.

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