Monday, November 04, 2002

I had a wonderful day at the range today. Finally got down to the .30-30 Contender 21" barrel, 2½X scope, and off to the range I went. Ammo used is some long ago loaded 170 gr. Sierra .307 FPs in misc cases with 30 grain IMR 3031 and CCI 200 primers. This load gets an actual 2200 fps from this barrel. Hornady 170s get an even 100 fps less. My theory is that the difference in diameter between the 2 bullets makes that much difference. I've even gone up one (1) grain to 31 grains IMR 3031 with the Sierras but this is too much with the Hornadys in this barrel or in my 1894 carbine. Since the loads might be used in both, I keep it simple and use the Sierras in the Contender and the Hornadys in the Winchester (made in 1943).

Accuracy was pretty good as you can see. The 100 yard group came in at about the expected 1½ inches for 6 of the 7 shots but the real surprise were the 2 (3 shot) 150 yard groups at about 1.5 and 1.75 inches. I'm really pleased. Allowing for the incline, I think that I have a good 165 yard point blank range with this load. About that first group, I wanted to go for 10, but kept getting interrupted by other shooters, new shooters coming on line, etc. Aside from being rude, this made me change my position. Clearly this is a problem I have in that I have 3-2 shot pairs. The barrel can shoot but I can't! Still 4 of those 7 shots went under 3/4 inch and 3 groups of 2 were touching.

This is why people add the caveat, "when I do my part" to their descriptions of their groups. Now that I have time to shoot, I, more than ever, want my own private range.

Perhaps someday somebody will be able to explain to me why they throw away expensive once-fired brass. I see (and pick up for my own friends' use) all sorts of magnum brass laying about at the range every time I go. It is simply beyond this man's understanding how anyone can let that brass lay there. If nothing else put it back until you have enough to make reloading it economical for yourself or to make a gift to a friend who reloads.

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