Friday, November 15, 2002

Well, now I'm highly POed at myself. I will tell you right now that it pays to read and re-read the hunting regulations. Not that I've done anything wrong, rather I've done NOTHING! That is, I did not go muzzleloader hunting. Not at all. Not one minute. I thought that the season was next week. Ought to beat myself about the head and shoulders. At least there will be the late ML season...

For this information see Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries .

Now I know that next week is the regular season. With everything screwed up (due to my own misreading of the regulation), I'll be thrilled to go hunting next week as the week after will be spent with my wife doing nothing.

Ooops, I forgot, I have to take my truck into the repair shop. Why? Because my primary mode of transportation including travel to the range and to hunting areas, has to have the driver's seat back repaired. Why? Because Dodge/Chrysler can't make a bolt that can stand up to over 80,000 miles of travel. Heck I've only folded the seat forward to access the back about 24-26 times in the 7 years I've owned the truck. Glad they don't make rockets/space ships or some other critical items.

It didn't really get me mad when the wiring harness went as I was trying to use my high beams. After all it only took about 2 weeks to get the new part(s) in and install them. 2 weeks I could not use my truck, 2 weeks of repeated excuses. No that didn't get me mad. And it didn't make me really mad when the seat belt started to come apart. Heck, I've got life insurance. But when a $1 bolt goes to hell AND it takes nearly a week to get it in AND the shop says something like "So, you expect us to fix that?", that ticks me off. How many other bolts are about to fail? A lot of them have been more stressed than this bolt in the seat mechanism. And I'll tell you one more thing... I do not like driving like a big city pimp all laid back and steering with one hand. Now, I'm mad.

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