Friday, November 22, 2002

Went hunting today but although I saw some sign I did not run up any deer. I don't think they are in rut yet. The weather is just now getting cold and there are few scrapes (only 1 or 2 in many acres of deer habitat) and rubs. Very disappointing since I will be unable to hunt the second half of the gun season.

I was going to load those Leadheads 205 gr. .358 LBT GCs in the .357 Mags but the LOA is then too long for the cylinders of my Ruger Speed Six or my S&W M13. No go. I will now load the Hornady XTP HP as my .357 Mag heavy load. I've got lots of the Remington 125 gr. SJHPs loaded. Of course when you light a full 125 gr. bullet load you're lighting a big candle and getting a good ear splitting report. I can't stand even one shot unprotected an my ears will ring for a week. No more, all are shot with hearing protection.

Heavier bullet loads and those toned down to the Remington style mid-range load level are not nearly as bad. That is one reason I'm moving to the heavier bullets. I'm also leaving H110 behind for this application because I feel that it is a contributing factor even if I can't prove it.

All load testing will be put off until December 3rd, weather permitting. That's how it goes.

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