Thursday, November 14, 2002

Went squirrel hunting/scouting today. No pics, since I'm not really a camera oriented guy but I did get one old boar with my S&W M422 (6" adjustable sights) and a Winchester Dynapoint. Now somebody may be able to provide a link to Dynapoints but I have to think that they are no longer in production. Most have no hollow at all, and I suppose that the little hollow in the point was really created with the idea that they would be used at rifle velocities. Accurate enough, they just don't expand at pistol velocities are are consequently no better than standard velocity solids. On the other hand the SGB type bullet is very effective and like a Keith style bullet does not rely on expansion to be effective. More like an early LBT design, this bullet does really well on small game such as squirrel and rabbit. Much better performance than solids and from pistols it is about the best performer out there. Pistols just don't seem to generate the velocities necessary for good expansion. The only exception to this is the Winchester Power Point round (developed by Australians!).

Not any more! I've run a bunch through the Hanned SGB Tool (the Beljan version is shown here) which results in a flat point. I understand that Alan Taylor developed the concept and the Hanned Line is unfortunately now out of business. CCI attempted to recreate this point with their SGB load but that bullet necessarily lacks the sharp corners that you get with the tool as you can see in this comparison photo of a modified and an unmodified Dynapoint. The only suggestions I have are these:

1. Wear rubber/latex gloves. These make it easier to clean up after and don't allow that lead dust you get from filing to get under your fingernails. All the more important if you cook for your family especially for your children.
2. Remember to chalk your file and clean it regularly with a good file card or you will be buying many files. That sort of negates any cost savings for really effective .22 LR ammo.

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