Monday, October 16, 2006

At the Range with the Browning 1886 SRC

As some might know I had to install the Williams Foolproof this past spring. Well, I finally got the gun to the range at Hite Hollow to verify zero. After a bit of mucking around she and I figured it out and instead of doubles put 5 (2 Federal factory 300 gr. and 3 of my duplication reloads using the Sierra 300 g.r JHC) into the target at 100 yards. Those are the 5 inside the 10-ring. All the other shots were playing about with the sights and some other loads. This WAS shot from the bench resting my elbows on the bench and not off a bag or mechanical rest. The group actually measures 1.5" center-to-center extreme spread. I am fairly pleased to have shot this group with the Williams Foolproof issue aperture and original front sight. This load of 54 gr. H322 under the 300 gr. Sierra JHC and lit by a CCI 200 it should do ok for Virginia whitetails. This load, like the Federal factory, gives just a bit more than 1800 fps to the 300 gr. projectile.

I'm going to work up a load (probably start with the classic Keith recommended load) for the 405 gr. and see how that prints in relation to the 300s. That will be a bit later, I've some other guns to shoot!

Compare the above target to the best I could do with the open sights...

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