Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Grips on the Detective Special

Due to the kindness of strangers, namely one Greg G. of Louisiana, I have these grips which appear to be for a late model Detective Special but which Greg apparently had on a Police Positive Special (PPS). They fit my gun (I didn't realize they also shortened the grips on the PPS) and well. They fit my hand well, too. The HKS speedloaders pictured are correct for the DS and not the equally usable speedloaders marked for the K frames.

These grips also greatly improve the appearance of the gun. I like the gun so much I'm actually thinking of sending it to Colt for a refinish. It does have some slight damage to the blue where it apparently rested on a it's side in a dresser drawer.

I like this gun. It is lighter and feels more compact than the 3" K frame but also gives one the feel of a full size gun. I may need to find one of the 3" .22 LR Cobras...

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