Friday, January 30, 2009

Pullin Archery

I had heard of Pullin Archery but wasn't really up on everything that David Pullin (and there are about 9 David Pullins in this area but that's him in the photo) has done. I'd say he's a pretty remarkable person and seems like a nice guy in person. I can say that last because I got to meet him yesterday. I think, also, that he has to be a special person because of the little extras he does for handicapped hunters and The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America.

E.g. Mr. Pullin gives 4-6 day hunts with use of residence and property to disabled members free of charge. This hunt takes place on Mr. Pullin's own property in Highland County in Virginia and the residence is his second home! Hunters and their assistants need only provide their own food and leave the house as clean as they found it. Mr. Pullin will even provide a bow and arrows! While it is advertised as a Pullin Archery activity, this is really Mr. Pullin's doing.

Aside from the products he's created and sells through Pullin Archery, Mr. Pullin is a long time contractor and has built many houses and worked on some major building projects in our area. He also publishes a free outdoors magazine which he is trying to grow. "My Outdoors Virginia" is on the desk in front of me and has among the articles one about a hunter who fell from a tree stand who now uses the bow tensioning system.

This is a pretty remarkable system. Mr. Pullin was telling me that he tried to sell it to every compound bow maker and all of them turned him down. Several flatly told him that such a thing was impossible. You can buy a complete bow or the system can be adapted to nearly all compound bows. Here in VA lots of handicapped hunters have used crossbows. Not all of them like crossbows even though the crossbow is now legal here (with an additional license) during archery season.

Mr. Pullin is also working to help disabled veterans. If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail Mr. Pullin at

Mr. Pullin has reportedly sold his business.

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