Monday, January 26, 2009

Armalite AR180B

I've been looking at the AR180B.

That's because there's been an AR180B at the local for over 2 years. This gun has set out on the rack all through the EBR buying craze and seen all sorts of SKSs, ARs, Keltecs, HiPoints and Mini-whatevers fly by with nary a try at a buy. I'm a sucker for orphan guns but I do have difficulty with the concept of polymer receivers, sort of an antipathy towards them. Anyway, I am pondering, pondering...

One might note that the 1:9" twist would be compatible with the Winchester 64 gr. load I've pretty much settled on pursuing. I've ordered 1000 of those bullets as the price was right and I've been using the 63 gr. Sierras anyway (in both the old AR-15 and the TC Contender). that bullet did very well for me but the Sierras are a bit pricey for quantity production.

The gun has a lot of parts in common with the AR-15 now including magazines.  That would be very important if one was counting on this as a pair with an AR-15.  With a folding stock as from Ace (see the links below) it would be as compact as a 16" AR-15, perhaps more so.  The price is right.

The design stems from an attempt to make an AR-15 type gun while both avoiding violations of patents on the AR-15 (sold to Colt) and reducing production costs and complications (hence the stamped upper receiver).  Later the AR-18 was developed to use AR-15 trigger parts and unaltered AR-15 magazines.  This is the AR180B of today. 

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