Friday, January 09, 2009

Dave Deering's Custom Bullets up and running...

Many folks on the various shooting forums know David Deering as StoneFence and have been using his custom swaged bullets for the .38-55 with complete success. That's a .38-55 Marlin 1893 that took down this deer with a Deering bullet in 2008.

Photo by Grace Koch

David started swaging his own jacketed .378" (also .375") bullets about 4 years ago as a hobby, because what he wanted wasn't available (at least at a decent price) in the marketplace. He's since added heavy .357 (190 grain) bullets for .357 Max, a .401" TCFP for .38-40 and 10mm, and new .431" 270 grainers for Marlin .444's. I've not seen the latest bullets but the .375" .38-55 bullets are beautiful in that they are well made, consistent, accurate bullets. They're so good that I just ordered another 300 and 300 of the 190 gr. bullets for the .357 Maximum. David is also thinking about doing a boat-tail spitzer (with small flat) in .338 cal for the new Marlin .338 Express-- there seem to be NO .338 levergun bullets out there anymore. I know that if you're a .33 Winchester shooter, you should drop David a line..

Custom Bullets
2528 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg FL 337

Also, look for David's ad in the January issue of Handloader Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Kirk Durston

There are no better bullets out there for the .38-55 than Dave's ESPECIALLY at that price! For years we couldn't find them at all (even the Barnes were practically unobtainium). I'll get 'em while I can!

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Hobie said...

A couple of notes. The hunter in the above photo is Douglas Koch, formerly a firefighter and deputy sheriff in Gann County, South Dakota. Doug died several years ago, at age 56.

Also, Dave Deering no longer makes bullets.