Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dating Remingtons...

The following letters correspond to the month (first letter) and year of manufacture starting in 1921 and ending in 1972 (next one or two letters):

B-Jan M-1921 C-1934 SS-1947 G-1960
L-Feb N-1922 D-1935 TT-1948 H-1961
A-Mar P-1923 E-1936 UU-1949 J-1962
C-AprR-1924 F-1937 WW-1950 K-1963
K-MayS-1925 G-1938 XX-1951 L-1964
P-JunT-1926 H-1939 YY-1952 M-1965
O-JulU-1927 J-1940 ZZ-1953 N-1966
W-AugW-1928 K-1941 A-1954 P-1967
D-SepX-1929 L-1942 B-1955 R-1968
E-OctY-1930 MM-1943 C-1956 S-1969
R-NovZ-1931 NN-1944 D-1957 T-1970
X-DecA-1932 PP-1945 E-1958 U-1971
B-1933 RR-1946 F-1959 W-1972

Using barrel codes (such as those listed above) to date the manufacture are reliable on Remington rifles, as the company rarely changed barrels on a customer's rifle.

Using these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable, as shotgun barrels are often interchanged at random. One needs to be sure that the barrel is original to the gun before trusting the Barrel Code listing, above.

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