Monday, December 01, 2008

I am officially a Jinx.

My first day at the gun shop and the ATF does an unannounced inspection. Might be a bit of a misnomer as they say all are unannounced. The boss had locked himself out of his house, had a trace on a gun, and this. I helped for a bit but he closed for the inventory and there was nothing to do. A good 2-1/2 hours spent not doing much of anything but answering the phone and doing some grunt work like bending and reaching for guns.

It all started with a good shower and a shave. Then I reported for my first day. We were just getting started when a lady walks in, "Hi, I'd like to see ______" (the owner). "I'm _______ ATF agent here to do an inspection. Be here all week. We'll start with an inventory, then we'll compare to your book and go from there."

I helped with the inventory (mostly reaching and such). Then left.

The two agents did apologize for having to do this during such a busy time of year (hunting, post-election, pre-Christmas). First time for the owner. The agents seemed nice enough, but mostly business.

We had a murder here in town yesterday afternoon. 20 year old woman killed by her 27 year old boyfriend (convicted sex offender) with a .25 ACP "PIC" pistol. The murder was a large part of the conversation for a bit. The owner was an officer on the Staunton PD for 13 years before buying the place from Ernie.

Well, anyway there was no need for me to be there with no sales paying my way. So, I went home and counted the change in my change jar and wrapped it up to take to the bank. $376.

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