Friday, December 12, 2008

Is an EBR in my future?

Acquaintance has an "extra" Del-Ton stripped lower receiver (yes, AR-15 type) for sale. Asked if I'd be interested. Maybe. Looked at the options for the rest of it at Del-Ton.
16" M4 Rifle Kit
- DTI 16" M4 1x7 Chrome Lined
- CAR Handguard with Heat Shields-Black
- Standard Bolt & Carrier
- M4 Buttstock - Black
- A2 Grip - Black
- No Carrying Handle
- A2 Flash Hider
- Single Rail Gas Block
- Standard Lower Parts
- Standard Charging Handle
- Flat Top Upper with T-Marks
AR-15 Multi Tool
AR-15 Lower Receiver Vice Block
Flip Up Front Sight for Gas Block
Flip Up Rear Sight

What I want is a carbine that will shoot the heavy bullets and take a scope without having to look at the front sight in the sight picture. Still want "irons" just in case. I might just put a Weaver 2½X on it and get another scope for whatever I steal the Weaver from. I get the impression from looking at all the various "makes" that this stuff is very much commodity as opposed to any real differences depending on brand. Frankly, after years of dealing with the M16A1 and A2 in the position of armorer (or pseudo-armorer/supply sergeant/only person left at the point of contact) I'm not exactly wound up about the high-tech modern plug and play gadgetry that is out there. I do believe I have a sling, cleaning kit, BFA and muzzle cover on hand.

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