Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lyman 375166 for the .38-55

I know many who've been wanting a bullet of this weight for the .38-55 Winchester.

The remake of the Ideal 375166 will be delivered by Lyman by Friday, April 11th

Ordering Instructions:
Order By Mail, Check or Money Order …
Price of the Mold - $75
Shipping - $10.00 plus $1.70 Insurance ($11.70)
Price of Top Punch - $8.50 (Optional)
Price of the Sizing Die - $19.95 (Optional
Send a letter with your shipping information and a check or money for your total purchase to:
Lou Sellman
2003 Ewings Mill Rd
Corapolis, PA 15108-3311

Order By Credit Card
Call Lou at (412) 299-0412

Lou Sellman email address … reloadersequipmentonline.com or customcastbullets@yahoo.com
ENJOY … It Has Been a Long Wait for a mold that hasn’t seen the Light of Day for over 40 Years!

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