Monday, March 30, 2009

Shot loads for the .357 Mag using .357 Max cases...

From elsewhere came this how to. Personally, I'd rather use the .357 Maximum cases in a .357 Maximum...
357 shotshells from maximum cases:

1, 357 max cases annealed at the mouths to prevent spring back when sized ,i only use rcbs size lube.

2, size in 222rem. die as far as possible without hitting the shoulder area of die.

3, cut your cards with a formed case, regular 357 cards are too big. (i sacificed 1 unannealed case & drilled the primer hole out the size of a 16 penny nail with the point ground off then took a triangled file & cut some teeth on the rim & sharpened with a chamfer tool.
i spin these with a lee trim holder on a block of wood & a cordless drill .
note more than 10 cuts are harder to push out )

4, seat your cci400 small rifle primer & i dropped 3gr. of clays , pushed a card on top ( i take the nail head & pack it tight)

5, i weighed 145gr of #9 shot (thats almost 2x what factory holds!!)
cover with a card (pack & straighten the card with nail head) then seal with water proof carpenters glue. let glue dry24 hrs. or it will get smeared in the barrel. (don`t ask how i know!!)

5A, i use the 222die a little lower in the press to put a little roll on the mouth to help hold it all in.
this is done before sealing with WATER PROOF carpenters glue

6, these work in a GP length cyl. & shoot to POA at 20 ft. i shot both layers of a pizza box & the whole load hit it & penetrated soda cans (both sides) that were behind the box!! have not tried em in the 4" or 3 " yet!!!

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