Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Kindle

Originally 12/28/10, updated 3/8/2011

I've got to say that I have been ambivalent about the Kindle with 3G service. I'm a fan of the tactile experience of reading a book or magazine and I like to see the color illustrations. Like all children, I like illustrations. After registering, my first book was Jeff Cooper's, "Art of the Rifle". One thing I like is that I am able to but the "book" down (turn it off) and come back right to where I left it. I can search for other such books from this one. I can search by author or title. Still, there is something to turning the page, smelling the ink, etc. Intangible pleasures not available in the digital version. Also, since Nana got one, I've had a bit of a problem working two Amazon accounts off one e-mail address. However, now that her account is functioning, we can let it be as she orders off the Kindle device with one-click payment. One of the biggest selling points of the Kindle for me is the accessibility of free, pre-1923, books. I am particularly interested in Theodore Roosevelt's writings. Heretofore one had to buy a print version or lug it back from the library IF you could find a copy there. This will be infinitely easier.

The 3G Kindle would seem to be a bargain as one doesn't pay for the service but can surf the net using Google and Wikipedia (which is neither awful nor exemplary but is useful) as a starting point.

We have had a problem with Nana's  Kindle cover.  A patent leather looking folder with what appears to be a felt lining and a hook system to secure the Kindle to the cover, it certainly doesn't have a high-tech appearance but it must be.  You see as soon as I put the Kindle in the cover the device kept rebooting.  Finally, it locked up and had to be manually reset.  I called customer service and as soon as I explained what was happening the tech on the other end told me to take the cover off.  It has worked perfectly since.  We tried re-installation of the cover with the exact same problem.  Another call to Amazon and I was told that the cost of the cover would be reimbursed to Nana's account and to order another cover.  I did so.   Knock on wood.

The new Kindle cover worked just fine, for me.  Nana had it in hand for about 10 minutes and it started to reboot.  I took off the cover and it worked fine.  I think I've discovered the problem.  It is in how she holds the Kindle when in the cover.  She holds it in such a way that the power switch on the bottom of the Kindle is pushed to the right and held for over 15 seconds which causes it to reboot.  She doesn't hold it the same way out of the cover and so doesn't get this effect.  She's now using it without the cover but my use with the cover shows that it doesn't reboot.

My kindle reading list...

An Autobiography of Buffalo BillCOL Cody, William F.
American Rifle: A BiographyRose, Alexander
A Rifleman Went to WarCPT McBride, Herbert W.
Art Of The RifleCooper, Jeff
Broad-Sword and Single-Stick With Chapters on Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella and Other Weapons of Self-DefenceAllanson-Winn, Rowland George Allanson
Common SensePaine, Thomas
GOD DOES NOT FORGET: The Story of a Boer War CommandoReitz, Deneys
Hero Tales from American HistoryRoosevelt, Theodore and Lodge, Henry Cabot
Hunting the Grisly and Other SketchesRoosevelt, Theodore
Hunting with the Bow and ArrowPope, Saxton
Letters to His ChildrenRoosevelt, Theodore
Red Eagle and the Wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama - Famous American IndianEggleston, George Cary
Roosevelt in the BadlandsHagedorn, Hermann
Sailing Alone Around the WorldSlocum, Joshua
Sailor's KnotsJacobs, William Wymark
The Art of Fencing The Use of the Small Sword L'Abbat, Monsieur
The Bible
The Colt 1911 Pistol a Mechanical Engineers PerspectiveWerner, Malcolm J.
The Emma GeesCPT McBride, Herbert Wesley
The Rifle and the Hound in CeylonBaker, Sir Samuel White
The Rough RidersRoosevelt, Theodore
Through the Brazilian WildernessRoosevelt, Theodore
With Axe and RifleKingston, William Henry Giles
Wild at HeartEldredge, John

- Note on Kindle Cover Problem

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Paul Moreland said...

Under Roosevelt take a look at his "Through The Brazilian Jungle" - it's on Kindle too. I'm using Kindle for Blackberry. Pretty handy to have reading material on hand with out having to remember to pick up a book before leaving the house. :)