Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

A little late with the report because I had some other stuff in the queue...

Monday was a lot busier than I expected. I had to leave the house early to get Bailey's dog license at City Hall. You see, I'd misplaced the rabies certificate back in November when I paid the city taxes and forgot to go back and get the license. I just received a letter threatening to send the dog catcher to the house to get my unlicensed dog so with that "pleasant" reminder I had to get that done.

Back at the shop we were busy there, too. The boss man had a booth at the Annual Western Virginia Sports Show at Augusta Expoland and it generated a lot of interest. The big seller? Smith and Wesson Sigmas. S&W has cut prices this year and we are able to offer these guns at very good prices. They don't have the cachet that others, including S&W's own M&P might have but they are good solid guns at an excellent price point. I would personally rather have one of these than a Taurus.

Anyway... we processed 11 background checks, did about 7 lay-aways and sold some ammo and other stuff. There were two notable guns. One was a pristine Remington Model 700 in .250 Savage. The other was a Springfield 1903A3 with an M15 grenade launcher sight.  That's a consignment gun and both the sight and gun and in excellent condition.   The price?  $700.00.  Unfortunately, there is no carrying case for the M15 sight with this package.

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