Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

It seemed rather slow yesterday.  We did do about 5 transfers and sold or completed lay-aways on 6 guns.  However, there wasn't much other business.  I think I was on the register 4 times and 2 of those were for Shoot-N-C 1" Targets.  I did help repair a holster.  Interesting guns were limited to two Winchester Buffalo Bill commemoratives, one a rifle and the other the "carbine" (short rifle with saddle-ring).  The hopeful seller made much of the decorative sleeves he still had despite their rather ragged appearance and that one was taped together.  The guns were indeed NIB.  However, the seller wanted full retail and a retailer simply can't pay such prices and make money.  He left with the guns.

That was about it.  That's a really slow day at the shop.

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