Saturday, March 05, 2011

Black Powder Loading the .45-75

To quote Rick Bachman of Old West Reproductions,
I've been shooting and reloading the .45-75 for over 40 years. I've used all of the granulations in blackpowder and always come back to 2F. I always load to original factory specs and the 350 grain lead bullet with 72 grains of 2F black works extremely well. The 2F black is what UMC and Winchester used in manufacturing factory ammunition of this caliber. I have experience only with original '76 rifles and carbines and I reload with original Winchester bullet molds and reloading tools. The only brass that was available years ago was .348 Win., and that is what I still use today. These cases are heavy and will only hold about 72 grains of 2F when weighed on a scale, but I load by volume and slightly compress my loads under a card wad. I have never had a cartridge failure and I've never had a gun that wouldn't shoot this ammo with great accuracy.
Does one need to go any further? I don't think so.

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