Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Somebody asked and I tried to list all I've owned...

I had a:
- Suzuki GT185 (sold)
- Citroen ___ (sold)
- 1973 Datsun Pickup (sold to Dad)
- 1979 (I think) Subaru 4WD Wagon (traded in)
- Honda Civic (went with the ex-wife)
- 1985 Nissan Pickup (traded in)
- 1986 Aerostar (wrecked and never ran right again)
- 1987 Aerostar (a lemon)
- 1990 Aerostar (traded in)
- 1990 Mazda B2000 pickup (died after 150K+ and abuse by son and gone to the scrap yard)
- 1990 Subaru Sedan (bought from Mom for daughter and sold)
- 1995 Dodge Dakota (son is still driving it)
- 2001 Nissan Xterra (wife still driving it)
- 2004 Ford F150 (current vehicle)

I had a 3½-year hiatus from vehicle ownership.  One can get by without in Seoul but I'd never try it in California.  

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